Friday, August 12, 2005

Untuk yang tertarik katalog peci 2005, silahkan download disini.
Contact us: or for details and order.

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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Peci Rajut (Embroidery) - nylon- handmade-easy to wash
Rp. 30.000.-/piece : free shipping for jabodetabek.
We provide varieties motives and colors.

For Peci Rajut:

size: 3-11 (for baby untill adult)

::motif PR(1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

Color: black - dark green - purple - grey - white - brown light - dark brown - yellow - blue - creamy

For Kopiah Rajut:

There are 2 styles: Plain color (without accesories) and Plain color with accesories (different color in down lines)
size 5-11 (kid-adult)

::motif KR(1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

motive: plain (all black or all white) and with embellishment on the bottom (sort of line with different color on the bottom)

Color: black - dark green - purple - grey - white - brown light - dark brown - yellow - blue - creamy

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

let's try this one, from Kalimantan
Size: 5-10
Motive : varieties (changeable and customised)
All Price/piece Rp. 25.000.-
Free shipping for Jabodetabek.
I have to tell you, the sample here is not as good as the full collections we have.
We are working to update it at this moment. Just tell me your style and design, then let me shape it for you. Fair enough ?

Part of collection:

::collections 1:: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 1 (b1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 2(c1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 3 (g1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 4 (g2):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 5 (g3):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 6(h1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 7 (p1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 8 (v3):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 9 (p2):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 10 (v1):: >>click here to enlarge<<

::motif 11 (v2):: >>click here to enlarge<<

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If you interested in this stuff, please contact :our distributor :

For similar product : Swimming suit

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